Vertical jump programs review

In basketball, as with everything else, practice always makes perfect. This is especially true when it comes to vertical jump programs. As a basketball player, you need a training routine that will increase your vertical leap. This is because if you cannot jump when it is required, then you won’t be able to finish and rise to the occasion.

Every athlete has unique needs when it comes to sports training. These needs fall into different categories, each of which is based on the way the athlete has to take off from the floor. For you to be effective at basketball, the vertical leap exercises you engage in need to be able to cater to your unique characteristics.

Of course, since there are a number of vertical leap trainings on the market, it is imperative that you try out a couple. Find out what works best for your particular body type and overall temperament. You will discovere that some will work more, others will work less, and yet another category will not add anything useful to your basketball skills.

Best vertical jump programs 2017


Each of the programs listed below has its own merits and plus points. However, they are all similar in the sense that these are the best vertical jump programs today. You should, therefore, be confident that you will never go wrong once you start on them.

Through your training experience, you will learn the essential things that all solid vertical leap trainings need to have for them to be effective. After trying out a couple of the recommendations we have provided, you will be able to understand why they made it into our list.





VertShock is considered to be a sure-fire way to boost the height of jumps from nine to fifteen inches! If you’re into basketball and you want to reach new jumping heights, you will find this well-known and highly-rated program helpful. It’s the number one system of its kind in the entire world!

During the program, you’ll learn which muscle groups contribute to truly explosive jumps and you’ll be able to activate these muscle groups without needing to perform endless and exhausting workouts. Part of the beauty of this system is that it is streamlined. You’ll learn the right exercises and you’ll do them in moderate quantities, rather than having to perform endless repetitions which leave you tired and sore.

There is a science to getting more height from jumps. It all begins with a deep understanding of anatomy and program’s experts have definitely unlocked the scientific principles of jumping higher, every single time.

VertShock offers amazing results by activating Type II B twitch fibers. When you learn how to contract these twitch fibers, you’ll discover the secret of performing awe-inspiring jumps. By choosing this program today, you’ll receive everything that you need in order to improve your jumps.

Most people who are interested in performing great jumps already understand that fast and slow muscle fibers are components of jumps. However, most don’t realize that there is a lesser-known group of twitch fibers, which are also extremely important.

By showing you how to contract these lesser-known, Type II B twitch fibers, the team at VertShock will empower you as a basketball player.

You’ll target these particular fibers and become the athlete that you’ve always dreamed of being. So, why not check out VertShock today?


  • Price – $67
  • Program duration – 8 weeks
  • Finish result – plus 9-15 inches
  • Overall rating  –  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


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One of the most comprehensive and trusted guides available for increasing your jump height, the Jump Manual provides you everything you need to know to gain a few extra inches.  Carefully constructed from years of experience, the Jump Manual has provided thousands of people with the information they need to improve their jump.  With glowing recommendations and testimonials, the Jump Manual is one of the most proven guides online.

So, what is included in the Jump Manual?  It includes a comprehensive review of the 9 aspects responsible for improving vertical jump.  The foundations of the Neurological Recruitment Principle is covered, providing information on interval training strategies that will add on the inches over a short period of time.  Additional information includes workout tracking sheets, max explosion workouts, and injury prevention.

The Jump Manual will definitely add some height to your jump.  Including a comprehensive guide that lets you do in weeks what would ordinarily take years to accomplish, the Jump Manual includes a wide range of resources that will show you how its done.  The nutritional plan as well as injury prevention chapters will help you improve your overall fitness as well.  Including the max explosive workout, you are looking at a no-risk guarantee vertical jump program that is proven to work.


  • Price – $67
  • Program duration – 12 weeks
  • Finish result – plus 10 inches minimum
  • Overall rating – ★ ★ ★ ★

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Are you looking for elite vertical power?  Do you want to improve your vertical jump to a level where you are a serious contender?  If this is the case, then you should consider The Flight System.

The Flight System vertical jump program is a proven technique for improving the height of your jump regardless of your weight, height, or gender.  Through harnessing the power of the vertical release, The Flight System teaches you how your Golgi Tendon Organs act like an anchor for your vertical height.  Teaching you how to relax and stop this inhibitory process, you will increase your strength reflex, increase strength shortening cycles, increase motor unit recruitment, and increase force development.


  • Price – $134
  • Program duration – 12 weeks
  • Finish result – plus 10 inches minimum
  • Overall rating – ★ ★ ★ ★

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The Vertical Explosion is a special a system that will allow you to consistently jump beyond your wildest expectations. This special system incorporates the best techniques and exercises to unleash the full potential of all your jumping muscles.

What is it About?

The Vertical Explosion is a special workout system that targets all the muscles that allow humans to jump. In short, this system will allow you to train your body in such a way that you are able to jump higher than ever before.

The Vertical Explosion will teach you advanced techniques and exercises which are designed specifically for athletes. With this knowledge, you will be able to jump higher than you would have thought possible.

What makes this system so effective is that it incorporates 3 vertical training methods to strengthen your jump muscles. Additionally, it also features an effective exercise that increase the explosive power of those muscles once they have been developed.

  • Price – $37
  • Program duration – 10 weeks
  • Finish result – up to 10 inches
  • Overall rating – ★ ★ ★

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What separates amateurs from the greats?  More often than not, it all comes down to having the right training.  For those who want to excel and be the very best they can be physically, pushing against boundaries is nothing new.  The real challenge comes from finding the right resources to improve things like endurance, speed, reaction time, and skill.  Jumping in particular is something that many athletes struggle to improve.

Well, not anymore.

With so few good resources out there, we are proud to offer you best vertical jump programs on the web.

We understand that there are many different places you can go for vertical leap exercises.  You will want to go with us because our vertical leap exercises produce results.  We provide a great deal of experience and technical skill in every program we offer.  You will be able to use the information learned here to create a routine that will get you the results you want.  Instead of going with a program that may work, go with a program that has been tried and tested as effective.  Within a single place you can get the best vertical jump programs.  When it comes to your training, we believe that you deserve nothing less.

Vertical leap trainings are fully formed tutorials that you can follow to improve the height of your jumps.  A combination of techniques that have been tested to work, guidance that is given to you in a straightforward manner, and an improvement model for continuing growth in the height of your jumps are all things that will improve your ability.  You will see improvements made in height, even after weeks or months of a frustrating lack of progress.  Do your future self a favor and consider the following reasons why you should consider vertical jump programs.

Why follow a program for something you can improve just by jumping in place?  The truth is that improving your ability to jump will require learning new skills and techniques.  Improving height for things like basketball will require a special approach that is less intuitive than you think.  Vertical leap exercises allow you to improve your jump in a way that will minimize risk of injury.  The last thing you want is to injure your legs practicing and end up having to sit the season out.  If nothing else, learning from a professional through a vertical jump program will save you a great deal of frustration.