Basketball Dribbling Drills: The Main Basketball Skill You Need To Know

basketball dribbling drills

Want to know what makes the difference between a good basketball player and a great one?

Basketball dribbling drills should be done over and over again until they become second nature are what separate the players that do well from those that are mediocre.

In this post, we will have a quick look at some basic tips when it comes to dribbling and then move on to the top dribbling exercises to add to your repertoire.

Always Remember

When dribbling, the following tips will help you up your game:

Dribble like you mean it: I know that it is a practice exercise, and it’s not a real game, but the more effort you put in here, the less effort you will need to put in on the court during a game.

Speed counts: Basketball is a game of skill and speed. This should be reflected in your drills. Work as fast as you can and be sure to work on improving both your ability and the speed at which you play.

Eyes front: It’s tempting to watch the ball when you are dribbling. That’s fine when you are practicing because you’re the only one there. During a game, however, you need to focus on what the other players are doing. You won’t have time to watch the ball.

You are going to make mistakes: Accept this right off the bat. Even pros make mistakes at times. What sets winners apart is that they don’t let these errors push them into a tailspin. They learn the lesson and move on.

Change up how you wrap the ball: In a game, you need to be able to zig when the other team zags. Changing up the way you wrap the ball during drills makes it easier to think on your feet when the pressure is on.

Ball Slaps

This is the most straightforward drill to begin to learn ball control. Pass the ball from one hand to the other in smooth, continuous motions.


Lift your arms up so that you can wrap the ball around your head. Then move down along your body. Wrap the ball around your waist, without ever letting it touch. Move down along your body, wrap it around your hips, and then move all the way down to the ankle. The ball must never touch the floor.
Do the same exercise again, but in reverse.

Figure Eight Dribble

This is excellent to help you learn to control the ball. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Dribble the ball around each leg to create a classic figure of eight shape. Use both hands to catch and release the ball again.

Double Pound

Stand with your feet slightly apart with a basketball in each hand. Pound both as hard as you can at the same time. This exercise helps to improve strength and coordination.

The key when it comes to being successful at dribbling is to make a consistent effort. Find the time to practice every day, even if it is just for five minutes or so. The more you drill, the better your ball skills will become.

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