Best Basketball Shoes

Are you looking for a new pair of best basketball shoes?

When it comes to basketball sneakers, you want the best bang for your buck, right?

Shoes are more than an accessory or article of clothing—they’re an investment.

If you want to communicate who you are, you want to wear shoes that match your personality and your interests. A good pair of shoes tells other people a lot about you, so it’s important to wear shoes that represent you well.

For the best performance, basketball shoes need to work well on any court, indoors or outdoors. Good basketball shoes can be the difference between a win and a loss. You don’t want to lose traction during those critical last moments—or any moments—of any game.

The best basketball shoes for 2017 are ready for you to look over.

#1 The Nike Hyperdunk Flyknit


The Hyperdunk has moved on from being just a standard high-top shoe (with Flywire and Zoom Air tech) and, in 2016, the Hyperdunk added a Flyknit performance feature that will bring your game to the next level.

Flyknit gives you a sock-like fit on your ankles, and these shoes are more breathable, stretchable, and supportive than almost any other model on the market at the moment.

Some people find these shoes to be a little difficult to put on, and others had trouble with the shoes getting marked too easily.

This can cause a loss of traction.

Hyperdunks are lightweight and stylish, but it can take time to really break them in. They are a little bit on the narrow side, so you may want to go up half a size when purchasing these.

If you’re patient and wear them on clean courts, these cool basketball shoes are worth the time (and a little bit of pain as you get used to them).

Some say that regular Hyperdunks are the better option, because they come with better ankle support. But Flyknits do not suffer fron this at all and ankle support here is pretty solid as well.

While it may sound like there are a lot of drawbacks, most of them are reviewed as very small issues that don’t affect the overall quality of how much they love this shoe.

In fact, another reviewer said this shoe is great for people with Achilles Tendonitis.

The Flyknit sock makes this shoe comfortable and keeps it from agitating any of your tendons and muscles while letting you keep a natural sense of motion.

The combination of Flywire uppers and Flywire cables gives you a breathable shoe that still provides stretch and support.



• Responsive cushioning
• Flexible support
• Dynamic fit
• Multi-surface traction
• Flyknit sock
• Lightweight
• Comfortable
• Natural sense of motion
• Flywire cables
• Traction requires consistent wiping
• Extension can make it annoying to put on
• May take a few weeks to break in
• Breaking in can be painful
• Might be a bit too narrow

#2 Adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit


In a similar vein, we have the Adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit.

The Future Boost was one of the best sneakers from Adidas, but the Crazy Explosive is here to take its place at the top.

If you’re a big explosive player, these super-stylish basketball sneakers are for you.

With more Boost tech than any other Adidas shoe, you can feel the difference in the full-length Boost midsole.

Over 85% of reviewers would recommend these fashionable, comfortable shoes.

They are also rated highly on comfort and size.

In fact, you can wear these without socks and still feel like you’re walking on luxury, though we do recommend to wear socks for more comfort.

They aren’t as durable as some other shoes, so you may want to stick to indoor courts with these.

The Crazy Explosive Primeknits attend to problems that many other shoes have: not enough traction, comfort, support, and style.

A few reviewers say that the shoe is a little too snug, so you’ll want to try these on as soon as you get them so you’ll be able to figure out what size is best for you.

Even if you don’t need the Boost or Primeknit, these top-of-the line shoes are delightful and have limited-edition stained-glass graphics.

What other basketball sneakers are you going to find that look as cool as these?




• Breathable
• Flexible
• Anatomical fit
• Reduced lace breakage
• Full-length stability
• Gorgeous, limited edition stained-glass graphics
• Non-marking outsole
• Updated traction pattern
• Boost midsole
• Comfortable, even without socks on
• Great support
• Responsive
• Shoe hugs your ankle
• Might be a bit snug (in both length and width)
• Outsole isn’t durable
• Needs more half-sizes
• Can be difficult to put on
• Might occasionally cause blisters
• Can feel a bit heavy

#3 Nike LeBron Soldier 11


Want to boost your acceleration game?

These cool basketball shoes outperform the old Nike LeBron Soldier 10, which are the previous model and have been improved in these new ones.

LeBron himself switched between the two of these during the NBA Playoffs of 2017.

But the majority of games in Finals with Warriors he played wearing the Soldier 11.

Reviewers say that this shoe falls apart more easily than some of the other shoes on this list, but if you aren’t going to be heavily wearing these, they definitely worth the money.

Other reviewers are huge fans of their grip and traction (in all areas!), as well as how comfortable and lightweight these are.

If you find yourself needing some extra grip, these are definitely the way to go.

All of these features mean that you can zoom ahead of your competition, speeding up faster than ever.

Need ankle support? The Soldier 11’s got you covered.

Several reviewers had difficulty with the sizing because the shoes are designed for the shape of LeBron’s foot.

The straps may make it a little difficult to put the shoe on, but that balances out by the great, snug fit you get once you’re wearing them.

These cool basketball shoes have an excellent, sturdy ankle guard that’s padded and built for safety. You might not want to use them for streetwear, but these flashy shoes are great for playing on the court.



• Super-comfortable
• Lightweight
• Great traction
• Good grip
• Stable
• Amazing ankle support
• No laces
• Gives powerful transitions
• Instinctive response
• Multi-directional outsole
• Springy, split-second responsiveness
• Affordable high-top LeBron
• Good for explosive play-making
• Not durable
• Laces don’t lock the foot down
• May not fit the shape of your foot
• Might be difficult to put on
• Heavier than a low-top
• Stiff body material
• Hard to keep clean

#4 Nike LeBron 13 Low

Cool basketball shoes


Looking for something a little different for best-performing basketball shoes?

Try the Nike LeBron 13 Low.

Generally, you’ll see low-top LeBron shoes used as lifestyle shoes, rather than on the court.

However, 13 Lows serve as less expensive models for low-top lovers, much like how the Soldier 11 is an affordable high-top LeBrons.

The forefoot features a Zoom Air unit, while the heel features a 180 Air Max unit.

The Flywire lacing system upgrades these shoes from being just for decoration to being functional in-game.

If you need an explosive performance, the LeBron XIII Low has a locked-down fit with fantastic cushioning that’s not only stylish but lets you feel lighter on the court.

Want some outstanding shock absorption? This is your shoe.

The Air Max unit gives you great impact protection for when you end up doing those hard landings.

Flexible support, an articulated lacing system, a Phylon midsole, and a durable rubber outsole are bound to be some of your favorite features of this awesome shoe.



• Explosive performance
• Responsive cushioning
• Air Max unit
• Zoom Air unit
• Shock absorption/impact protection
• Flexible support
• Breathable mesh
• Articulated Flywire lacing system
• Phylon midsole
• Durable rubber outsole
• Multi-directional, multi-surface traction
• Still good as a casual shoe
• Tongue is not a separate piece from the rest of the shoe
• Weak air bubble
• May be too small for wide feet
• Not good for outdoor play
• Slight heel slippage
• Not as much ankle support
• Low on cushion

#5 Under Armour Curry 3


Need a different kind of a good basketball shoe?

Under Armour debuted the Under Armour Curry 3 in the fall of 2016.

These sleek shoes have an asymmetrical lacing system, as well as better ankle stability and support from its burrito tongue so you’ll never have to worry about the tongue slipping around inside your shoes and agitating your foot.

Stephen Curry have won a couple of Championships already, but these shoes are winners in our book as well.

These sleek shoes have prime comfort and performance capabilities—who knew you could find both in one place for such a great deal?

This step up from Curry 2.5 was more than enough to let this shoe stand out above the crowd.

The cushioning and traction on these shoes are nothing short of sublime.

This shoe is so slip-resistant that you could almost wear them to your day job!

These durable basketball shoes can last months for you, even with continuous wear every day for hours at a time.

You might want to try something else from this list if you have high arches, because you may find yourself squirming in pain without enough arch support here.



• Better fit and support than Curry 2
• Pretty good for everyday life
• Very durable
• Has no break-in period
• Superior ankle support
• Great for people with no arch
• Great traction
• Good padding
• Burrito tongue
• Slip-resistant
• Incredibly comfortable
• Archless
• Runs half a size too small
• Toe box isn’t durable
• Bad ventilation

#6 Nike Zoom KD 9

Best basketball shoes


These shoes feature a full-length Zoom Air unit, as well as an upper Flyknit.

Because Kevin Durant couldn’t afford Air Jordans as a kid, his signature shoe began its life as an affordable basketball sneaker.
So many of the best performance basketball shoes ran over $200, so he wanted to make an option that was under $100.

This shoe may cost $150, but his roots remain the same.

If you love multi-directional traction and extreme responsiveness (and who doesn’t?), this shoe may be your Cinderella match!

These shoes are stretchy with a lot of support, especially around the ankle.

The stable rubber outsole and breathable materials are great for explosive and quick players.

Unfortunately, this may end up being very flimsy or a tight fit if your feet aren’t shaped a certain way.

Some reviewers had difficulties with the air bag popping too easily, so buy with care!



• Extreme responsiveness
• Locked-down support
• Mesh and foam around the heel
• Breathable
• Stretchy
• Great support (especially for the ankle)
• Zoom Air cushioning
• Multi-directional traction
• Stable rubber outsole
• Great for explosive and quick players
• Not very durable
• Very narrow
• Tight fit
• Air bag pops very easily

#7 Adidas Crazylight Boost Low

best basketball shoes


James Harden made the shocking decision to drop Nike for a massive deal with Adidas in 2015, and the Crazylight Boost is the beautiful result of that choice.

This shoe is low-top, lightweight basketball sneaker with a Boost (full-length) midsole.

If you’re a baller who has a need for speed, this is the shoe for you!

These shoes provide great lockdown with slip resistance that come from an updated traction pattern.

If you need good grip that works on both wet and dry conditions, you’ve found what you need.

This shoe comes with a comfortable collar and foam midsole, as well as a luxurious textile lining.

These shoes will make a statement both on and off the court!

Some reviewers say that these sneakers are difficult and painful to break in, and they sometimes run on the large or wide end.

The shoe also may end up getting pretty odorous after a short amount of time, and if you’re really unfortunate, you might have to deal with some heel slippage.

Make sure your shoes fit well before you get into your first game with them.



• Great lockdown
• Excellent grip on court
• Slip-resistant
• Boost technology
• Comfortable, molded collar
• Non-marking rubber outsole
• Updated traction pattern
• Foam midsole
• Molded TPU piece
• Comfortable textile lining
• Good in both wet and dry conditions
• Runs large/wide
• Painful to break in
• Smell bad after a short amount of time
• Heel slippage

#8 Nike Kobe 11 Elite

best basketball shoes


The Nike Kobe XI Elite is on the pricier end of things, but remember that you always get what you pay for.

Arguably one of the best basketball shoes for 2017, this signature shoe for Kobe Bryant is innovative in its concept for what a low-top, high-performance basketball shoe should be.

Kobe may have retired from the NBA, but these shoes just won’t quit.

These legendary shoes are packed to the brim with luxury and quality.

From the Flyknit yarn upper to the full-length Lunarlon, this shoe provides not just comfort and stability but also improves your motion.

This shoe may be $200, but it is every bit worth your time and money.

But don’t just take it from us!

Reviewers rate this shoe as being true to size, very comfortable, and very durable.

The Flyknit is reinforced, supportive, and breathable.

The shoe overall has great cushioning, along with its stellar stylishness.

The traction is a bit questionable if you have translucent outsoles, because any dust collection can cause you to slide, especially in indoor courts.

Make sure you choose the type with a solid outsole just in case!

The great grip on this shoe might be a bit too much and cause blisters, so keep an eye on your feet after you run around in these.

The XI Elite is a great upgrade from its previous version.

If you want to make a good investment in your basketball sneakers, this shoe is worth the higher price.



• Flyknit yarn upper
• Full-length Lunarlon
• Comfortable
• Zoom Air unit
• Breathable mesh tongue
• Formfitting comfort
• Great, responsive cushioning
• Improves your motion
• Mesh inner sleeve
• Strong, lightweight support
• Multi-directional agility
• An upgrade from the Kobe X
• Can cause blisters
• Translucent outsole gathers dust and reduces traction
• Narrow toe box
• Sometimes not durable

#9 Air Jordan XXXI

best basketball shoes


If you’ve always wanted to fly, you need the Air Jordan XXXI.

These cool basketball shoes take modern technology and blend it with the easy, classic style of traditional Air Jordans so you can defy gravity and soar to victory.

These premier basketball sneakers feature the classic Air Jordan logo and the Nike Swoosh.

Each of the many colorways available represent Michael Jordan’s illustrious history for the past 31 years.

Interested in celebrating when Michael inked his deal with Nike?

Try out the “Fine Print” colorway.

Remember when his black-and-red sneakers got banned?

The “Banned” colorway represents that piece of history.

And of course, “Shattered Backboard” pays homage to everyone’s favorite monster dunk at a Nike Exhibition game that took place in Italy.

These great basketball shoes are beautiful, high-performing sneakers that blend power, art, and history.

At $185, these shoes are practically a steal!

Not only are these highly anticipated Air Jordans the most comfortable basketball sneakers you’ll find, but they are also stunning with their wide variety of colors that represent these hallmarks of basketball history.

Durability plus responsiveness equals a fantastic pair of shoes that will serve you well on any court you come across.

A few reviewers had trouble with traction, so make sure you know what your needs are before you purchase these.

You also might find your feet getting a little bit overheated, so if you’re sensitive to excess heat on your feet, you may want to sit this one out.



• Explosive response
• Flexible support
• Superior comfort
• Flywire cables for locked-in fit
• Solid rubber outsole
• Multi-directional traction
• Wide variety of colorways
• Represents the history of Michael Jordan
• FlightSpeed technology
• Zoom Air unit
• Durable
• Lightweight
• Loud squeaking on the court
• Feet might get hot
• Requires consistent wiping to keep traction

#10 Nike Kyrie 3

best basketball shoes


And to round things out, we finish off with the inexpensive Nike Kyrie 3.

Kyrie Irving, a Gold Medal Olympian and NBA Champion, has produced his third signature sneaker.

This shoe blends Hyperfuse, an innovative mid-foot strap, and mesh.

If you’re quick on your feet, you’ll love this lightweight but sturdy basketball sneaker.

To get the most bang for your buck, you can get this powerful, stylish shoe for only $120.

These gorgeous shoes encourage fluid movement and responsive cushioning.

The Kyrie 3’s cushioning is lighter and lower-profile than ever!

Every single step is cushioned like you’re stepping on a cloud, with smooth transitions for those pivotal, fast-moving moments that can make or break a game.

This shoe’s unique strap design keeps your feet locked in there, with extra stability in the heel for good measure.

So if you need to stop on a dime, you can go from running to standing faster than any other shoe can allow you to.

Defying the laws of physics and changing directions instantaneously are just two of the many benefits of the Kyrie 3.



• Lightweight
• Sturdy
• Fluid movement
• Responsive, excellent cushioning
• Stable heel
• Multi-directional traction
• Rounded outsole
• Locked-down stability
• Easy to run and jump in
• Anatomical fit
• Shoe strings sometimes get caught on Velcro
• Can take a while to break in
• Not always durable

Best Basketball Shoes Final Words

Wow, that’s a lot of information, right?

We have put in some serious number of hours to review all the cool basketball shoes above and provide you with as much details as we could.

Each of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some are a better shot for big players, others will suit point and shooting guards more.

So take to your consideration all the factors – what position do you play, do you move more or play more with the back to the rim like centers and power forwards do, ankle support, stability, laces or no laces and so on.

These are our favorite basketball sneakers for 2017, and we just know you’ll love them as much as we do!

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