How to get a higher vertical

How to get a higher vertical

When you search several online sources or ask any basketball player to give you some tips on how to get a higher vertical jump, you will always get a different answer. The truth is, vertical leap is little understood.

Many trainers and players often mistake slam dunk to vertical leap workouts. While it is one of the things that will make you a better basketball player, slam dunking workouts will only improve your scoring technique. On the other hand, a higher vertical leap will make it much easier. That leaves us with the question; if you can do a perfect slam dunk technique, why waste your time on a vertical jump training?

The answer is, you are not the only tall player on the court. Other tall players will block your shots or get above you without a sweat. A high vertical leap will help you get your hands above such players and do a perfect dunk.

This article has summarized some few tips on how to get a higher vertical jump in a few weeks. Here, I’ll take you through some of the workouts that were done by some of your favorite players such as Michael Jordan and the rest.


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How to get a higher vertical – How Michael Jordan did it

1. Plyometric workout – Squat Jump

Squat with your hands between your legs then jumps as quickly aiming as higher and then back to a squatting position. Without wasting any time, repeat the procedure. Your primary focus should be height and speed.

2. Strength workout – 30 second back squat

• While standing, face the bar and grab it. With the help of a trainer, place it on your upper back by gently flexing your knees.

• With your feet under the bar, straighten your knees to get the weight off the rack and step back.

• With locked knees and hips, squat, push your hips back and your knees out with your lower back in the middle.

• Lower yourself until your thighs and floor are parallel to each other.

• Get up from a squatting position.

• Repeat this procedure for 30 seconds.

3. Stretching workout – 30-second quad stretch

There are three types of quad stretches: the standing, ground and kneeling stretch.

• Standing stretch – Stand on your right foot then grab your left shin bringing it close to your glutes. Your knees should be pointing towards the ground. Hold that position for 30 seconds then do the same for your right shin.

• Kneeling stretch – Squat halfway with your left knee on the floor. Keeping your shoulders upright and your lower back flattened, push your pelvis forward until you feel some stretch on your flexors. Bend forward to stretch the left quad and hip. Hold that position for 30 seconds then change.

• Ground stretch – Lie flat on your back with your tailbone at your bed’s edge. Grab your left thigh and bring it closer to your chest. Hold that position for 30 seconds then change.

How to get a higher vertical – Mistakes to avoid while training

i) Doing too much strength training – As you may have seen, many great basketball players are not heavily built. They are average. While strength training gives you the explosive power needed to jump higher, it is also one of the exercises that if not done properly, will make you heavy. But this doesn’t mean that you do a little. Save yourself the trouble by focussing on the 30-second back squat I’ve mentioned above.

ii) Not having enough time to recover – It doesn’t matter how fast you want to achieve it. Working out too much without proper rest will not take you anywhere. It will only injure you. Find time to rest after each daily workout. If you happened to finish it early in the morning, take at least a one-hour rest and sleep approximately 8 hours each night.

iii) Not stretching after exercising – Exercising is a vital component in any sport, but often overlooked by many athletes. Ask yourself this question, what good is your vertical training if you get injured in the middle of it? Stretching will not only help you avoid injuries, but will also allow full extension of your hip flexors and other muscles associated with vertical jumping.

Additional tips on how to get a higher vertical

• Jump a lot. This is one of the exercises you need to do every day.

• Do a variety of explosive exercises

• Work on your cardio performance

• Drink a lot of water before and after your training.

• Minimize intake of sugary and fatty foods. Eat more vegetables and fruits.

The bottom line

These are tips from some your favorite players such as Vince Carter, Michael Jordan, and the rest. So, it might be hard or easy depending on how you’ve been working out. Choose a program that suits you, focus on the tips above and remember not to put your body under too much pressure. You can start from what you can achieve easily and build on when it becomes easy.

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