Lebron James Jersey

Lebron James Jersey: the second best selling NBA jersey in the world

Lebron James jersey

Lebron James has made a name on and off the courts mainly because of his outstanding talent in basketball.

He has been playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers and has accumulated many awards as a professional basketball player.

Because of this, his rise to fame in basketball, has made him a very influential icon.

Lebron James jersey is one of the most sought after clothing item of basketball fans. What Lebron James wears, fans buy.

Go shop at the NBA Store and you can see numerous Lebron James jerseys on the rack.

His legendary status as a basketball icon and an endorser of top of the line products gives customer confidence in their purchases.

Lebron James T Shirts

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The basketball star has been seen wearing his own t-shirts to games.

Yes, you’ve heard that right. Lebron James actually went to play wearing a black Cleveland Cavaliers shirt. Although basketball stars find it difficult to wear t-shirts in playing, it somehow is still worn. They claim that while there is no excuse to their performance, the sleeves somehow limits their arm movements, especially for shooting. That is why in a game, Lebron James was seen ripping off his sleeves.
Sleeves on a t-shirt don’t stop Lebron fans from supporting their favorite player. The shirt itself is from Adidas, and you could see its logo and the upper left portion of the shirt. The shirt is made of 100% cotton, with screen print graphics. It comes in black, burgundy, yellow, white, and navy blue. It is available in sizes small to XXL. The shirt is easy to maintain with machine washing.
Even though professional players think the short sleeves of the shirt hinder their play, fans stop buying short-sleeved jerseys. If you don’t want to be affected that much by the sleeves, you can always buy a size bigger so the sleeves will be a bit looser. You can also opt to look at the sleeves themselves and see if they are too tight for your maximum basketball performance.

Lebron James Cavalier Jersey

Lebron James clevelend jersey
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One of the more famous Lebron James jersey is the no-sleeved jersey.

Since he has been playing for quite some time with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the bulk of these jerseys sold in stores and online are from that team. His Swingman jersey is one example of his no-sleeve jerseys.
The Swingman Jersey is from Adidas (you can see its logo printed on the upper right-hand side).

Wearing a jersey like this to a game is usually when you are a player who plays multiple positions.

It is made of 100% polyester and has a climacool technology from Adidas.

Climacool technology manages sweat and heat that comes from the body. It also enhances comfort and in turn, makes a considerable improvement to the player’s performance. Its cut is somewhat closer to the body, meaning it is more cylindrical in form.

The back of the jersey is around two inches longer than the front.

You also won’t feel itchy about the prints and the neck tapings because it was meant to have them all part of the shirt in a way that no stitches were done.

Say for example the numbers and team names. Both are heat-applied. To maintain the jersey, you only have to machine-wash it.
The Lebron James Cavs jersey comes in different colors – yellow, navy blue, burgundy, and white and has sizes ranging from small to XXL.

Take note that the cut of the jersey is someone cylindrical so you might want to check the size chart before making a purchase. Moreover, there is also an NBA Logo at the back part of the shirt, around the neck. It is also applied with heat so no worries if it’s going to itch or not.

Lebron James Heat Jersey

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Did I mention that Lebron James also played for Miami Heat?

Yes, he did!

In 2010, he decided to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers to go play for the other team. While in Miami Heat, he was able to play four seasons and reached the finals for all of them. He even brought the team to a championship for both 2012 and 2013.

Because of this, Heat jerseys were made as merchandises.

He has a Swingman jersey sold at NBA stores. The jersey is officially licensed (all of them are if bought at the NBA Store) and has an Adidas logo at the upper right-hand side of the jersey. Unfortunately, the Swingman jersey only comes in two colors – black and red.

The jersey has Climacool technology by Adidas that helps the player feel more comfortable and in turn, improves performance. All the print are heated to the shirt so rest assured that no stitches will make you itch.

It comes in small to extra-large sizes.

The jersey has a tag less color and the back-neck taping. One thing to note about the jersey, like the Lebron James Cavs jersey being sold is that the back part of the jersey is 2 inches longer than the front.

Lebron James USA Jersey

Lebron james usa jersey

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One thing to note about Lebron is that he is also part of the national team, team USA.

He has played in the 2004 Olympics, 2006 FIBA World Championship, 2008 Olympics, and 2012 Olympics.

As part of the national team, Lebron James has brought home several medals.

It’s rare to find an authentic Lebron James USA jersey because they are only on sale during the Olympics season.

I doubt that you can find one at NBA stores too.

Nonetheless, his USA jersey has a 6 on it and can be in white or navy blue. Since it is for the national team, the white jersey has a somewhat faded print of the USA flag at the back. This jersey is from Nike and you can see its logo at the upper right-hand corner. The material is 100% polyester plus machine-applied prints.