Stephen Curry Jersey

Stephen Curry Jersey is a top selling NBA jersey so far.

stephen curry jersey

Just a few years back Stephen Curry stood in the spotlight in his Stephen Curry Jersey when he won the Most Valuable Player award for the 2014-2015 season.

The 2014-2015 season was also the season when he led his team, the Golden State Warriors, to a championship.

The last championship the team won was in 1975.

As a professional basketball player, Curry made a name for himself by being one the greatest shooter in NBA history. Both professional players and sports analysts have referenced Curry when speaking of the top basketball shooter.

He started with setting the record of 272 three-point shots in 2012-2013, followed by 286 three-point shots in 2015. Last 2016, he outperformed this record with a total of 402 shots.

Because of this, Stephen Curry jersey has been sold both online and in physical NBA stores.

There are many styles of jerseys to choose from that come in an array of colors and sizes.

Stephen Curry Jersey Youth

Stephen Curry jersey youth

Also known as the Stephen Curry Jersey Kids.

They are like the adult jerseys; the only difference is the size. They are available in youth S/M/L/XL. Having a different kind of jersey sized for children is an excellent way to encourage them to dream big as athletes are not just sports celebrities, but also inspirations.

The material is 100% polyester, and the logos for NBA and Adidas are embroidered on the jersey.

The shirts are officially licensed and are original Adidas brands. The logo is located at the top right-hand corner of the jersey next to the collar.

Speaking of the collar, it is a rib-knit collar. The same goes for the arm holes. When it comes to the jersey tag, it is a good thing that it’s taped so that it will not be a cause for itch.

The top is very easy to maintain – you can just machine wash the item to remove stains and odor.

Moreover, the Stephen Curry Jersey kids come in royal blue, white, and charcoal. Both royal blue and white jerseys are sleeveless while the charcoal jersey has sleeves.

There is also a special edition jersey.

Stephen curry christmass swingman jersey


At the NBA Store, there is a Golden State Warriors jersey under Stephen Curry’s name and number. This edition was for last year’s Christmas Day. It’s called the Royal 2016 Christmas Day Swingman Jersey. Since it is a special edition, only one color (Royal Blue) is available, and most likely it will not be as readily available as it would be last year. The sizes are like that of the children’s jersey for regular games. However, unlike the other jerseys, this jersey has a tagless collar.

If you can’t get enough of children’s jerseys, this next jersey type for children will surprise you.

Aside from catering to the youth and children, Stephen Curry jersey is also available for infants. A baby displaying a player or team projects their parents’ favorite NBA teams and idols. If it isn’t too late to always try something, it is also never too early to do so.

stephen curry jersey youth



Stephen Curry mentioned that when he was in high school, all players were not able to pick a number for their jerseys. A player was assigned a number by size and height.

Since he was only 5’7”, he received a number that was lower.

His high school number was thirty.

Curry has always liked the number 30 because it was the same number that his dad had on his jersey. His dad was Dell Curry, a former NBA player who played for the Charlotte Hornets. For Stephen Curry, paying homage to his father’s legacy was one of the things he holds dearest.

So, what is the connection of Curry’s story to jerseys for children?

Basketball players are individuals that children admire. For them, wearing their idols shirt may motivate them to work hard the same way their idols worked to be where they are today. The effect of wearing something like what your heroes are wearing is underrated.

Stephen Curry Authentic Jersey

Stephen Curry authentic jersey

Just as the youth like to show off their sports idol, men and women like to display theirs as well.

One of the jerseys available in adult sizes is the 2017 All-Star Game Swingman jersey of Stephen Curry. This jersey comes in small, medium, large, extra-large and extra-extra-large. However, it only has one color, charcoal black.

The Stephen Curry black jersey is unique compared to the blue and white ones because black is not an official color of the Golden State Warriors.

stephen curry black jersey



The jersey is made up of 100% polyester and has a Climacool technology. Adidas emblem is displayed on the upper right-hand corner. Climacool technology is unique to Adidas jerseys. This technology brings more comfort to the body as it helps to manage heat and sweat. Managing heat and sweat contributes to improving your performance due to the level of comfort it provides.

Other features of this jersey are that the back part is 2 inches longer than the front side of the jersey. It also has back neck taping, that will not cause irritation to the consumer.

There are other designs under Curry’s name.

In fact, there is a special edition Filipino Heritage tee. It is made of 100% cotton instead rather than polyester. Although it is specific to the Philippines, it is still an officially licensed NBA Store product.

Stephen curry philipino heritage


For a more classic jersey, there is the Adidas’ Hardwood Classics ‘The City’. It is made up of 100% mid-hole mesh body fabric and its print was applied using heat. Sizes range from small up to 3XL.

It is also an official NBA jersey with the Adidas logo at the upper right-hand corner.

In fact, even the most demanded fan will have possibility to pick the right jersey for himself, his wife of his child.

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