Vert Shock Review

Vert Shock Review: Achieving that Vertical Jump

vert shock review


I have always thought that basketball was a sport that required height.

To me, once you’re less than 6 feet, your chances of actually being good at it is lower than usual. It’s also because height is required for you to be able to shoot the ball. Dunking and doing a lay-up can be done successfully if no one is able to block you from doing so.

On the other hand, to be able to make a rebound, you should be tall enough to reach the ball before any person gets a hold of it.

So I knew that height is a big factor, but I refuse to believe that it is the only factor that affects your performance in basketball. I would like to think that performance and skill matter as well. With this mindset, I tried making up for not being able to jump high.

I perfected dribbling and running, going lower, and shooting from afar. However, it was still not as fulfilling when you know there are limitations to the basketball moves you can do.


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While I was voicing out my concerns to friends, one of them told me that I could actually improve on my vertical jump.

At first, I thought it was impossible because to me, I did my best to jump as high as I could to no avail.

I did exercises, I trained and practiced every single day, and I still was not able to make a dunk or a perfect lay-up without getting blocked. But my friend recommended a program that helps you increase the length of your vertical jump.

The program is called Vert Shock.

Vert Shock is a program intended to increase your vertical jump. It is a set of phases and exercises that do not need any equipment and heavy lifting. It was crafted by Adam Folker and Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington.

Adam Folker is a veteran at basketball being known for making a name at professional basketball abroad. When he was young, he was named as part of the Top 5 basketball players in the whole of Canada.

On the other hand, Justin Darlington, commonly known as “Jus Fly”, is one of the most famous dunkers in the whole world. This is because he could jump as high as 53 inches which I’m pretty sure is extraordinary. His skill and a particular gift for dunking and jumping high have marked his name in the basketball industry.

After letting my friend persuade me to take Vert Shock, I finally tried the program.

There are actually several reasons as to why I decided to push through with it. I also searched online for Vert Shock program review and these are the following reasons that convinced me:


  1. It was legit. I arrived at this conclusion with two ways. The first is that it was developed and endorsed by Adam Folker and Justin Darlington. They aren’t just anyone who stringed exercises and workouts and concluded that they were able to improve their jump height. No, they were actually professional basketball players who were willing to make a Vert Shock review The second is that a lot of people expressed improvements in their jump height. A good number of people online as well as friends I know have attested to this program and they have given me their approval.


  1. It gave a 60-day money-back guarantee. This for me was for practicality and assurance. If it didn’t work after trying it within 60 days, I could get reimbursed for availing the program.


  1. The program was user-friendly, meaning, it was easy to follow and it did not require me to go to the gym. Vert Shock program review had several testimonies about how it was not a hassle to do. There are people who did not like going to the gym and lifting weights and so for them, this was the best program to address their improvement for jumping high.


Vert Shock Review: Does it Actually Work?

Vert Shock program review entails explaining the methodology or the training exercises one has to do while in the program.

Vert Shock works on the idea that continuous and challenging exercises that focus on the nerves on your legs will increase its capacity to jump higher. It also focuses on Type-2 Fibers that are fast-twitch muscle fibers.

Once these fibers are exercised, they will get used to the force of jumping and the surge of energy so, with considerable practice through time, it will be able to have higher jumps.

The program has a 3-Phase System: Pre-shock, Shock, and Post-shock.

The pre-shock is basically your warm-up stage but the difference is that it takes a week rather than a few minutes to an hour. The first few days focus on having variations of jumps for 3 sets.

According to Vert Shock review, continuous jumping exercises help increase your jump height by one to three inches. The goal of the first seven days is to prep you for the actual shock phase with more challenging exercises.

Some people say that this “warm-up” stage did not feel like a warm-up at all since it was pretty intense already.

The shock phase is the meat of the program. This takes about six full weeks with intense workouts that put pressure on your leg muscles. The exercises here are really meant to shock your leg muscles and to train them to have surges of energy so that it would be easier and higher when you jump.

The post-shock phase is the last week. You’re nearing the finish line here and the best thing you can do is to assess whether the program was effective or not and how much it improved your jump.

The claim is that with Vert Shock you can gain 9-15 inches high when jumping.

My Vert Shock program review is claiming that I was able to get around 11 inches of added height in jumping. To me, this is a big deal already and I did not feel bad at all that I didn’t get more. The added jumping height was able to help me have a better lay-up and rebound.

The dunking isn’t there yet, but it will come eventually thanks to Vert Shock.